Controlled Returns

Part of Our Customer Care Management

One of the most costly and inefficient realities of being in the business of selling goods, is the lack of real control over Returns processes.

Inefficient processes for managing Returns can often mean very real negative impacts on profits. Indeed, the longer-term future for businesses caught up in unproductive cycles can lead to:

  • lost customers through poor Returns services
  • loss of product through poor handling
  • loss of supply chain efficiency through staff working on damage control, rather than on the business at hand
  • unidentified and unmatched stock returns, unauthorised returns and credit requests
  • additional return transport costs
  • additional receipt and put away costs
  • missed pick ups
  • dissatisfied customers

When damage control includes credits to appease disgruntled customers, the costs can be enormous and unrecoverable.


Common problems faced by clients include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • goods that are sent back under warranty without authorisation
  • incorrect authorisation numbers
  • poorly packaged returned goods
  • inadequately addressed goods
  • loss of goods through inadequate pickup and delivery processes between booking and receipt
  • accurate damage identification before return for credit
  • visibility on stock of “Return Authority” approval for receipt of return

All of this causes immeasurable problems for the supply chain, particularly for warehouse staff who cannot:

  • match returned goods with authorisation numbers
  • determine if returns have been authorised at all
  • explain where returns have gone or should be going


  • There is a better way

    AFS will take control of your Returns, by managing the entire process for you. This will allow you to re-focus on what you do best – your core business. We will shoulder your burden and implement process improvement strategies to help eliminate the problems, once and for all.

  • We’ll Take Control Of Your Returns

    Through a number of simple procedures – including the implementation of the AFS FreightLink Controlled Returns

    System - we will do the following, and more, on your behalf:

    • automatically raise Returns jobs (“tickets”)
    • handle connote numbers and raise tickets
    • contact carriers to organise pickups & deliveries
    • monitor Returns closely
    • record all information related to the returns
    • movement, including contact with the customer
    • ensure that controlled returns are closed off only once POD is available
    • maintain direct communication with you throughout
    • be the repository and guardian of all correspondence/contact related to the returns
    • keep you in the loop on all updates and correspondence related to Returns movement