Cost Analysis Services

Is it possible to do better?

If you haven’t set time aside to really scrutinise your freight costs, carrier surcharges and shipment routes, then you risk paying too much and cutting into your profits.

It is well known that freight costs, fuel surcharges and inefficient shipment routes can significantly reduce your margins, which is why many businesses have turned to us to know where they really stand, and to leverage our long-standing carrier connections for greater buying power and sustainable cost savings.

AFS Benchmarking services include:

  • Cost Analysis
  • Cost Modelling
  • Supply Chain Review
  • Process Improvement
  • Speed to market

Benchmarking Services - Putting you firmly in the picture

AFS will put you in the picture, identify root causes of service failures, take on the load and save you money and time through their comprehensive Benchmarking Services - all at no additional cost to you.

AFS Benchmarking Services – Your business guardian!

We identify issues, assess and recommend solutions, and work with you to implement recommended strategies and protectionist measures that lower your service errors, reduce freight costs, guard and enhance carrier services to you, and ultimately improve your customer service and profit.

More Power and Strength through Leverage

Take the opportunity to harness our unrivalled, consolidated buying power!

Our strong and long-standing connections with all reputable carriers, along with our unprecedented buying power, can be leveraged to negotiate the most suitable costs and services for all of your transport needs.


  • Why Alternative Freight Services?

    Our remarkable ability to drill-down to uncover the issues that have the potential to negatively impact your business, is supported by our extraordinary knowledge of the freight industry, our unrivalled carrier connections and our unique and flexible software and technological solutions that enable:

    • Rigorous audits and analysis of freight costs and supply chain logistics
    • Consolidation of logistics management and freight needs to free up valuable resources
    • Full end to end implementation of recommended strategies for process improvement


  • Distribution Management Services

    • Same Day/ next Flight
    • Off Peak
    • Road Express
    • Courier service
    • International
    • Break Bulk
    • General Freight
    • Mail
    • Ad Hoc
    • Point to Point
    • Warehousing
  • AFS Benchmarking Services – Know where you stand

    Our proven methodology results in immediate cost savings and begins with a rigorous audit and analysis of your freight costs and services designed to uncover:

    • carrier overcharges
    • the hidden costs
    • costing errors

    We assess:

    • volumes
    • rates
    • fuel surcharges
    • shipment routes
    • all carrier consignment charges

    We work with you to:

    • develop a cost reduction and service enhancement solution specifically with your needs in mind, and one that can be sustained over time
    • negotiate with carriers on your behalf for the best possible rates, service and shipment routes.

    But it won’t end there. As your trusted partner in business, we will regularly analyse your freight charges and alert you to escalations, inefficiencies and inconsistencies.

  • Knowledge is Power

    We understand the whole carrier network – including their strengths and weaknesses - and the impacts of each on your bottom line.

    • knowing the break-down of carrier costs for a range of consignments, including the hidden costs
    • knowing how fuel surcharges and shipment routes impact your costs
    • having the insights to know precisely when, where and how you are being over-charged and underserviced
    • having freight cost escalations and inconsistencies explained
    • changing what is not right through outstanding solutions and our unrivalled buying power!
    And all at no extra cost to you!
  • Negotiation through Consolidated Buying Power

    Our unprecedented insights and buying power reflects our respected and entrenched position in the freight industry. The real value of our connections and benchmarking services become apparent when we provide you with an independent but informed view of the whole carrier network, including each carrier’s strengths and weaknesses, and the impacts of each on your bottom-line.