What We Offer

AFS Product and Service Offering

An unrivalled breadth and depth of service is possible through AFS’s dedicated resources, including a suite of software programs and technologies that take the costly and inefficient work out of freight management and supply chain logistics. Just as a dedicated travel agent might take the headache out of organising your next overseas holiday, AFS will take care of all of your distribution needs so you can concentrate on doing business.


People with Resources - Partnering with You

AFS will negotiate with transport providers on their clients' behalf to ensure service enhancement and cost reduction. This is possible through their unprecedented buying power and reflects AFS’s respected and entrenched position in the freight industry. The real value of these connections becomes apparent when AFS provides its clients with an independent but informed view of the whole carrier network, including each carrier’s strengths and weaknesses, and the impacts of each.


People with Vision - Partnering with You

AFS empowers clients to address the challenges in their freight management and supply chain through a number of critical questions, including:

  • How can we improve our service?
  • How can we reduce our transport costs?
  • How can we achieve a more efficient supply chain?